The Gospel According to Coco Chanel

Life Lessons from the World's Most Elegant Woman

(an imprint of The Globe Pequot Press)
(September 2009)
Hardcover: 229 pages
US $19.95/CAN $24.95
ISBN: 978-1-59921-523-5

-Barnes & Noble

"Karbo’s book is a humorous, chic, little self-help manual that casts Chanel as a much more stylish Dr. Phil."

-The Times-Picayune of the coolest biographies I’ve ever read.

Karbo delivers a mini-biography, with perceptive and amusing commentary... The fashion is merely fascinating, a means to an end. The life lessons? For a woman trying to find a safe haven in America, this book delivers more wisdom --- and wit --- per page than Dr. Phil will dispense in a lifetime.

" irreverent self-help guide masquerading as biography."

-The New York Times

Reading Karbo is like listening to a dear friend talk about the legendary designer over brunch... This is a fun, insightful look at the genius behind the little black dress.

—The Los Angeles Times

“Anyone with a good sense of humor should hugely enjoy, or should I say enjoie, Karen Karbo's funny and stylish take on Coco Chanel. Like a little black dress, this handy life guide will take you from day into evening. K.K. on C.C.: oui, oui!”

—Henry Alford, author of How to Live: A Search for Wisdom from Old People (While They are Still on This Earth)

"Wise, witty, and refreshingly colloquial, The Gospel According to Coco Chanel is an enchanting tour through the complex, often controversial life of fashion icon Chanel. Filled with relevant life lessons for the modern woman, this book is Karbo at her irrepressible best."

—Hilary Black, editor of The Secret Currency of Love: The Unabashed Truth About Women, Money, and Relationship

"... it looks like a trifle. Looks can be deceiving."

—Wall Street Journal

"Ms. Karbo has salted in biographical material, without an ounce of the syrupy reverence typically given Ms. Chanel."

—Wall Street Journal